Large companies with multi-billion annual funding plans have a dedicated funding team to manage their global funding efforts. Companies with less regular funding needs or with a leaner cost base might find it inefficient to maintain an internal funding team. On the other hand, they do not wish to be at the mercy of bankers and lawyers when engaging with investors, but want to take a pro-active approach to ensure they can identify funding opportunities and get the most efficient deal done. This is where Explement can add significant value. The Explement team has a combined funding experience in excess of 25 years and USD 50 billion. We have led transactions in just about every market segment across the globe in capital markets, bank debt and the private placement arena.

We offer this unique experience to clients. Depending on our clients’ resources we will cover the entire value chain from preparation through execution up to and including the post transaction phase.

Preparation Execution Post-Transaction
Identification of optimal investor segment, geographic market and transaction structure Prepare investor marketing material.

Dry-run investor presentation

On-going investor communication.

Covenant monitoring and reporting for bank debt

Selection of bankers and lawyers Prepare sales force teach-in Vetting of invoices received prior to payment
Preparation of transaction with listing authorities, regulators, tax authorities, auditors and rating agencies – as appropriate Define execution timeline and investor marketing schedule Handling of on-going reporting requirements to parties such as listing and tax authorities, regulators, and rating agencies
Select and engage with investor opinion leaders to sanity-check transaction and generate lead orders – as appropriate Transaction execution.

Investor marketing, undertake investor road show, one-on-one meetings

Monitoring of changing investor preferences for future transactions.

On-going dialogue with opinion leaders

Negotiate offering documentation Finalise offering documentation and file with listing authorities Keep offering material up to date to shorten time-to-market for future deal
Determine optimal investor marketing strategy Finalise listing requests, tax rulings, rating agency work Prepare transaction report for board of directors or other stake-holders


Explement represents its clients’ interests on company boards, in large projects or in special situations where additional resources or expertise are required.

Dealing with financial stakeholders, such as rating agencies, regulators and investors, has become more and more complex in recent years. Especially when it comes to transactions or other strategically important and complex topics, an effective stakeholder management is essential. Large organizations have dedicated teams in-house. In small to mid-sized companies financial stakeholder management is usually assumed by CFOs or treasury teams. This is where Explement can step in and support. Explement can either closely shadow companies during the entire process supporting them in all critical discussions and negotiations with their stakeholders, or provide a third-party opinion with benchmarks, analysis and advice on specific topics.

We have significant experience in leading complex stakeholder negotiations and can successfully improve investor, regulatory and rating agency perception. We have managed various capital market transactions, defense strategies, acquisitions, regulatory discussions, rating agency capital model reviews and management changes.

Family Offices

Family offices of a certain size and complexity face a number of complex governance and funding issues. Only very few family offices can afford to have feet on the ground in multiple countries at the same time.

When it comes to assets in Switzerland we can assist with governance issues or provide a second opinion on which assets can be refinanced and in which market. We have helped family offices attach funding to assets they held, where they previously had been told by larger players that these assets could not be refinanced.

Board of Directors

Board of Directors and management teams face tremendous pressure and need to take on significant responsibility when it comes to important decisions regarding capital market transactions or other challenging corporate actions. Especially at such moments board members and management teams may need an independent third party opinion and advice, or simply additional resources they can deploy at short notice.

Having spent many years in senior leadership positions in finance teams of global organizations, we can provide a fresh mind and a second opinion, supporting board members and management teams with independent advice and execution.


Explement supports clients in managing entire treasury functions or selected treasury topics, and setting up treasury hubs with the necessary processes.

When it comes to IPOs, acquisitions, establishing a new company or corporate restructuring, treasury functions and operations need to be introduced, assessed and/or amended. This is where Explement can step in and provide immediate resources. Explement can take over treasury responsibilities while closely supporting CFOs and their finance teams.

Switzerland – in addition to its political, social and economic stability – provides a reliable and efficient environment for treasury hubs. Getting the corporate law, tax/ transfer-pricing and accounting particularities to work to your company’s benefit is facilitated with resources on the ground in Switzerland. After setting up and handing over the treasury hub these same resources can maintain a key function in the day-to-day business or on management or board level to guarantee continuity. Setting up a treasury hub in Switzerland can be a very costly exercise if not managed efficiently with dedicated resources on the ground running the entire process from start to finish.

We have been significantly involved in improving treasury processes and in creating global treasury platforms for companies with global operations.