At Explement we are passionate about making a difference. Both in the results we achieve for our clients, but also in the way we help others across the globe to help themselves.

Over the years Explement’s Managing Partners have personally supported a number of situations. In some instances this support was one-off, in other instances this has been on-going for 10 years and more.

In addition to these personal projects we will establish projects through Explement and are delighted that some of our select clients have decided to commit resources to these projects too.

Examples of personal projects

Used children’s clothes

Otjiwarongo, Namibia (2007 – on-going)

Namibia is a country of rare natural beauty and cultural heritage. On a visit to this beautiful land we over-nighted at a home stay with local farmers. Upon our return to Switzerland we started to send our son’s used clothes to this farm. The owners of the farm distribute our son’s clothes both to the children of their farm hands but also to other children of less fortunate white families. Over the years we have received hart-warming thank you emails with photos from children wearing our son’s clothes.


Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina (2010)

In connection with a road trip we visited an orphanage run by local residents to support children abandoned by their parents. We contributed with funds and with used children’s clothes and toys.

Day-time orphanage for street children

Slum Sodom & Gomorra, Accra, Ghana

On a trip to West Africa in 2014 we visited a day-time shelter for homeless children. A group of younger adults from Accra decided to rent a shack in the slum quite rightly called Sodom & Gomorra to provide a day-time shelter for these children who live in the streets with mostly just one parent. The parent can drop their child off in the morning, after sleeping rough in the streets. The children are then fed, clothed, receive basic medical assistance and schooling until their parent, hopefully returns to collect them in the evening to spend another night on the streets of Accra. We intend to revisit this institution and provide the necessary funding to build their own shelter, rather than be at the mercy of the landlords where they rent and provide more substantial medical services, schooling and clothes.